Life in 3 buckets

I am my own rescue.”

Lisa Nichols

Recently, I had the privilege of listening to Lisa Nichols speak during a live online training event.

Lisa’s passion and zest for life is extraordinary with an unequivocal purpose to serve.

I want to share with you a simple process that Lisa created for herself at a time when she felt very overwhelmed with life. Lisa tells her story of travelling to Paris alone to embark on a journey of personal calibration and whilst sat in her hotel room, plays around with the idea of putting her whole life in 3 buckets.

The 3 Bucket Process – my entire life in 3 buckets

Draw three buckets on a large sheet of paper (or use three separate sheets).

Label each bucket as in the picture below.

Then go ahead and think about your life right now?

What things do you love about your life?

What things do you really want to change?

What do you choose to keep or need to let go of?

Do you love your job or is it time to change direction?

Are you living a healthy lifestyle or is it time to up your fitness level?

Do you over commit yourself?

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Are you tired and struggling?

How is your relationship with your partner, husband or wife?

Is it passionate or have you both become complacent?

Are you in a relationship that holds you back?

Who are the people you spend most of your time with?

Do they support you or dampen your dreams?

Is it time to let go of unsupportive relationships with dignity and tack?

Is there something that you have longed to do and have been putting of for years?

Are you someone that takes on several projects at once and then never actually gets anything completed?

Do you choose to actually continue with these projects alone or get some help (adjustments) or is it time to let them go because they aren’t a real priority?

You get the idea right?

Pretty simple and yet very effective and if you just allow yourself to lean into the process, you can begin to design the kind of life you desire and truly deserve.

Be honest with yourself…

Use the bucket process like a mind map, drawing arrows to your answers and you can also use the idea to create your own design.

Is it time to take action and choose to keep the things that are important to you, make adjustments where necessary and let go of what no longer serves you?

We all need to do some personal work and check in with ourselves at times so what are you waiting for?

Why accept anything less.

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